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About this project

Giving back! After all the learning from a huge community of kind and skilled people I decided that it was time for me to give back and hopefully be able to help people.

Since the start of my computer interest back in ‘86 it has always been to learn more new skillz. And it started out with playing video games and then quickly turned into “How does this work” and the interest started to grow more and more into “Can I do this myself” and so it started with finding papers with codes for pixel games and writing this on to may first computer “Lamda 8300” with basic coding.

These years it's still gaming and now within data science. The world is amazing and I can’t wait to add more content and hopefully someone will find it useful to them.

Thank you to everyone that help people by posting code snippets, ideas, guides, tutorials, the whole open source community, and friends, work places past and current, and family that have listened to me over the years!

Search engines

How and which to use & data privacy
Theme and focus June 2021.
Coming up! - No Ads!


Obtaining information
Theme and focus January 2021.
Now live - No Ads!

  • Big Data

    Big Data

    • Systems used for Big Data 7
    • Big data and how to use it 8
    • More coming up 20
  • Analytics


    • Why use analytics 5
    • User Behavior Analytics 2
    • More coming up 10
  • Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    • How to use 3
    • Why it's important 5
    • Others 1
  • AI ML learning

    AI ML learning

    • What is AI 4
    • Types of AI 6
    • More coming up 8
  • AI ML learning


    • What is statistics 5
    • Types of statistics 7
    • More coming up 5
  • AI ML learning

    People within Data Science

    • Data Scientist 5
    • Statistician 4
    • Analyst and more 5