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Is AI The Future?

Did you know that back then in 2018, AI oracle and venture capitalist – Dr. Kai-Fu Lee said that AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind, more than electricity? That utterance carries so much weight. Imagine something that changes the world more as compared to whatever tech we’ve seen until today!

Have you been thinking about AI and the future? Or have you been watching movies and films that make you become worried about the future?

Is AI The Future?

In this article, we are going to discuss all touching on AI and the future! Hope you are going to get all the answers to the questions that have been troubling your mind after reading this article!

With much said, hope you will enjoy reading this article and let’s dive in!

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

As you may know, currently artificial intelligence is already impacting the future of virtually every industry and also every human being. Again, artificial intelligence has acted as the plug of upcoming technologies such as big data, robotics and even IoT and still the future appears that it will be purely AI driven.

The Future is AI Based: AI Is Felt Everywhere

As you read this article, almost all industries have already experienced the impact of AI not matter how tiny the effect might be. It’s right to say that some of the industries are already at the start of their AI journey while others are veteran travelers.

Both of the mentioned industries still have a long way to go and there are lots and lots of AI changes that are likely to come in. Regardless of the impact of AI in the 21st Century, there are some of the things that we cannot ignore:

· Transportation: Whether it will take so much time such as decades to perfect them, there are high chances that autonomous cars will one day ferry us from place to place.

· Manufacturing: Do you know that AI driven robots perform tasks alongside humans to have limited range tasks such as assembly and stacking, and even predictive analysis sensors keep the robots running smoothly.

· Healthcare: Many people have doubted the effectiveness and accuracy of AI in the healthcare industry in places such as surgery but AI has shown a lot of competence. Currently, virtual nursing assistants monitor patients and also disease spread is easily monitored with the help of AI among many others.

· Education: Have noticed that the education sector has witnessed a tremendous move with the assistance of AI? With the textbooks currently digitized, early stage virtual tutors aid human instructors and also facial analysis that helps to gauge the emotions of the students to determine who is struggling in understanding a concept and also bored. All this heightens and eases learning.

· Media: Journalism isn’t left behind by adopting AI changes. As you read this article, Bloomberg uses Cyborg tech that aids in quick sense of complex financial reports. Again, the Associate Press employs the natural language abilities of Automated Insights to produce 3,700 earnings reports stories each year - this is about four times more as compared to the past years.

· Customer Service: Do you know that Google is currently having a project underway on AI assistants that is capable of placing human-like calls for events such as appointments at, for example, your neighborhood hair salon. Besides words, the system will be able to understand context and nuance.

The above listed are some of the first phases of AI developments. There are more complicated and more advanced systems that are being worked on and also being planned for.

The Impact of AI on Society

Well, how will AI impact our society and also how we currently do things? Without lying, a lot of things are going to change in our society and here are what experts have to say…

Most likely the bottom 90%, more so the bottom 50% of the world in regards to income or even education, will be badly hit with also job displacement…what you need to ask yourself is only that, “how routine is a job?”

What’s your answer? Well, that is how likely a job will be replaced by AI because with a routine task, AI can learn to routine itself. And let’s talk of tasks that are quantitative and more objective such as separating things into bins, washing dishes, picking fruits and even answering customer care calls. These tasks are a bit more scripted and repetitive and routine in nature. You only need to allow five; ten or even fifteen years to elapse and all of them will be replaced by AI!

What about Amazon? Well, the online warehouse giant boasts of more than 100,000 robots, tasks such as picking and packing are still done by humans but soon that will change soon.

AI and the Future of Privacy and Human Rights

Have you ever thought of your privacy even as you read this article? Well, many people across the globe have raised concerns over being deprived of their privacy with the current tech. This is nothing new since users' moves are closely monitored by either software tools or even hardware tools such as satellites, CCTvs and even drones among other several spy inventions.

Experts say that without enforcing proper regulations and even self-imposed limitations, the situation about privacy and human rights will soon deteriorate. With the first phase of AI, privacy has almost lost its meaning, how about if AI advances in the next few years to come?

Many people agree that in a paper that was published by the UK based human rights and privacy groups Article 19 and Privacy International, anxiety is reserved for its daily use but not a cataclysmic shift such as the advent of robot overlords.

Lastly, the use of AI can also impact the exercise of several other rights that are not limited to right to effective remedy, right to fair trial, and also the right to freedom from discrimination.

The Verdict

AI comes with a number of benefits and also negatives aboard. It could also trigger global dictatorship with things such as unprecedented inequality, surveillance, suffering and perhaps human extinction. All we need is to steer carefully in that both the rich and the poor equally benefit from AI. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and all your worries settled. Best of luck!