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Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Many people think that data analytics and AI can’t be connected to one another. But, as machines have become more human-like, these two areas have interconnected. You can almost think of everyday examples where these two work together.
For example Netflix.

Netflix uses artificial intelligence to offer you recommendations for products and services. But that wouldn't be possible without data analytics. The data you input from your device, account logins, likes, dislikes goes to data analytics servers.

These servers have a whole database of your activity behavior. Then, that same data is analyzed and shared with other parties in order to improve the user experience for you.

How is AI connected to Data Analytics?

But there are other cases where AI is used in Data Analytics.

For example:

1. AI reads data better than humans do. It has an incredible ability to find and connect patterns in large databases. And it does all of this at incredible speed.

2. A vast number of AI machines now use data to presume outcomes to an event. They can analyze thousands of information coming from millions of different sources.They can also make assumptions about which actions will result in positive outcomes and which won’t. That is not all. They can also analyse consumer behavior and improve your product development.

3. AI has the ability to gather information about a use from many sources. Not only can they collect data, but they can also link it in a so-called “user journey”.

Should AI and Data Analytics be mingled together?

Many people view AI as a threat. Since the Industrial Revolution happened, humans view machines as competitors. But they should view them as apprentices. The more we feed data to machines, the better they become. And that is our goal, right?

Machine learning algorithms learn from humans and the data they input to become better. They can help us make better decisions.

When we apply data analytics to AI, we make room for improvement in our society without making huge efforts.

Although it seems as if the machines will replace humans when it comes to analyzing data, that is not the case.

Final thoughts

When we combine AI and data analytics, we boost the capabilities of the latter. We can have more detailed and clear insights than human analysts can. With this combination of tools, we can also target micro data that can be crucial for one business. We can also take care of complex data in real-time.

Data analytics is an ecosystem. It contains micro-systems that play a huge role in keeping its homeostasis.