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User Behavior Analytics

What is user behavior analytics? It is the practice of understanding online users their habits and behavior.

To get to know your customer well, you first need to understand how they interact with you.

This is a complicated process. They interact with us through many different apps and websites. They also use a vast amount of devices. And, as a result, we always have never-ending data coming to us.

How does UBA (User Behavior Analytics) work?

User Behavior Analytics plays an enormous role in marketing. It is a tool that shows which steps an online user takes from their device. UBA gives an insight into how one consumer's characteristics change through their online journey.

Once data has been collected from a user, the monitoring system uses those baselines of behavior. Then, when new data comes in, the system compares the new data to previous actions (baselines). This special system detects activity that cannot be recognized by traditional tools. One example is identity theft.

When the data doesn’t match those activity baselines, this system sends you an alert.
But how does it know if the data isn’t coming from your sessions?

Well, it collects data from your permissions, accounts, sessions, and duration of sessions, geolocation and so much more. The system is made that way so it constantly updates with each new piece of information.

If there are any anomalies in that behavior the system restricts access to the user. However, not all abnormal behaviors are reported. As mentioned before, the system is adaptable to slight changes in actions. So, when the user slightly has a change of normal activity, the system is not alerted.

With the rise of machine learning algorithms, the UBA systems can now provide a much clearer picture of these patterned behaviors.

Difference between UBA and UEBA

There is one key difference between UBA and UEBA. UEBA or User and Entity Behavior Analytics derives from UBA. It is the same tool but it is much more advanced.

This type of system tracks more than just an activity log. It tracks everything, from the activity of apps to the activity of the devices themselves and even servers and other data.

UBA system modules

The UBA system is composed of these four principles

1. Data collection - it stores and analyzes login data that is installed on many IT systems.

2. Central storage - a place where the results of the data are stored. This place also collects raw and mega data.

3. An analysis engine - this is a machine that checks all the data and the events. It also identifies abnormalities and prioritizes them.

4. Automated response - if a security incident happens, the system sends automatic responses that will act according to the threat.

User Behavior Analytics

Why are UBA systems important?

Many traditional tools don’t have the ability to detect irregularities in micro-actions. As technology improves, many hackers find other ways to steal identities, to compromise security, or even steal valuable information. And, many firewalls unfortunately aren’t able to prevent that anymore. Here is where UBA security comes into play.

The UBA systems can be an excellent addition to your cybersecurity system. It is a completely new way to react to threats and prevent them. They can work on their own, or you can implement them into other protection software.

These types of setups can also be a beneficial tool when learning what unusual performance looks like. This system also drastically reduces the time that is needed to respond to dangerous activity. It follows a real-time data activity and instantly reacts to user malware.

Should you install a UBA system?

Before you decide to invest in a UBA system, research and think about the drawbacks.

● Installing a UBA system can be expensive for the normal person. Typically larger companies and organizations are able to afford themselves this kind of protection.

● You might need to hire a data analyst. The data the system provides you with is often more complex to work with. You cannot understand it if you don’t have any previous knowledge or training in this area.

● It is not a replacement for other cybersecurity systems. This add on is here to notify you about unusual behavior. It won’t do anything to protect you from it.

Remember, these systems are a great tool to have. But, they aren’t perfect. You should only use them if you have the finances to do so. And, if you don’t have to protect any valuable data, this kind of system is not favorable. A good firewall should be enough.

But if you do so, make sure you know how to properly manage it. Once you’ve made sure that everything else is well protected, adding a UBA system will be just another step of protection. Remember, this system should not be used alone if you want to prevent attacks.