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Web Analytics Technologies

Web analytics is the process of measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting web data. This is purposefully made to drive and understand how a website is used. This doesn’t apply to increase web traffic. This process is crucial for web development and improved user experience.

We can divide web analytics into two categories:

1. Off-site web analytics

2. On-site web analytics

● Off-site web analytics - They measure and analyze data from your website. It doesn't matter if you own or just maintain the page. They measure the potential of your website’s audience. To do this, companies use a special tool to collect information.

Software is installed on the users’ devices to monitor their website activity. One
An alternative to this is the ISP data system. This is a network-based method. Internet providers in your home or workspace provide companies your IP address, Internet Transit and similar data to monitor your web performance.

● On-site web analytics - They estimate and analyze the behavior of the user once he is on the website. This type of analytic is used more for a commercial cause. On-site analytics tracks visitor traffic during their web journey. This type of analytics uses cookies as a tracking method.

How data is accessed and by whom is what makes them different

There is a key difference between these two analytics. The off-site data can be collected from anyone on the net. You can see your data, but so can other competitors. The on-site data is only available only to you and the website you have analyzed.

Web Analytic Data-Collecting Technologies

To collect data safely and securely, companies use one of these software and plugins:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best plugins on the market. It is free. And, it is comfortable to use. It allows you a simple way to access complex data.

You don’t have to have some background knowledge in data analytics to understand what it is presenting to you. It has a user-friendly interface. You can customize it according to your preferences without putting any effort into designing.

2. Adobe Analytics

Like Google Analytics, it is also one of the most reliable technologies for data analytics. You can turn any customer interaction into an in-depth report. It has an attractive and interactive layout. What’s also impressive is that you can track the user’s journey in multiple languages. With this the software you can precisely measure data and display traffic.This tool also gives insights on the Bounce Rates. It also provides a detailed report on users’ activities and designs a system that will draw them back to your site.

3. Mixpanel

This is an innovative platform that works with analytics. It is compatible with both web and mobile versions. It comes with a WYSIWYG Editor. It is suitable if you want to create websites quickly.

It gives you the total % of the web traffic and allows you to have a multivariate testing facility. You can select features, choose data and objects, and group them accordingly.

4. Webtrends

It has an unlimited number of custom dashboards. It tracks metrics like new user, activity, and return metrics. You can customize your data reports and import data with unlimited storage access.

This system is also great for connecting to BI services. And, it is designed particularly for SharePoint areas. You can collect advanced data and you can report it without a problem.

5. Heap

Heap is a data analytics program or iOS. You get instant analysis of data with this system. You do have to code at all. It is relatively easy to implement and use on your website.

You don't have to worry if you don't have even the tiniest bit of technical background. It is designed so that anyone can use and operate it professionally.

With simple clicks, you can answer questions and generate datasets. Credit unions accentuate its performance and how useful it can be.

Managing data and connectivity is no longer an issue. By just overviewing the data this tool has provided you with, you can build easier connections with the customer.

• This platform offers numerous benefits. First, it gives precise measures when it comes to web traffic. It presents data clearly and transparently so that everyone can understand it.

• Provides with even the tiniest details when it comes to customer traffic. It gives an overview of how much time the customers' sessions last, how many scrolls they have performed, and which products they laid their eyes on the most.

• The layout is simple.
You can instantly identify the entry and exit points on the page.
It uses many customers' behavior to make more accurate information about their status.

• It gives precise knowledge of Bounce Rates. Why they happen and when. It reports this in real-time.

There are many diverse technologies and software you can use to successfully drive a page towards success.


A couple of things to conclude with! For any web analytics tool, it is mandatory to provide the following statistics: Tracking the number of visitors while separating unique visitors. Tracking the entry as well as the exit page and keeping a session record. In addition to this, a recommended web analytics tool is the one that features behavioral funnels, generates real-time traffic reports, and tracks conversions as well as tagged digital events.