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Applications of Big Data

It is a fact that Big Data has gotten its way across many industries. It has shaped and created new ones and improved the already existing ones. The main goal of Big Data is to help the industries make more accurate and precise decisions. This can be achieved only if large volumes of data are properly analyzed. A lot of industries are investing big in this data. They want to examine those large sets of data in order to unlock new and hidden patterns, trends and correlations.

Applications of Big Data


Big Data has many applications in the education industry. Students generate massive amounts of data. Test results, assignments, courses and classes all contribute to these enormous amounts of data. A lot of universities have deployed systems that collect, track and analyze data relating to time frames of log-ins into systems, time spent of pages not related to school and the students’ progress.

For example, Big Data is used to customize university programs and schemes. These programs benefit individual students to design special programs for each student based on his learning history. This is an excellent method for improving and enhancing the results a student gives. These programs can be also used to analyze and study the individual. They take thousands of student records to comprehend the workflow of a given student. Then, they will be able to know and understand what the student’s strength, weakness and interests are. This is beneficial for both parties.


Big Data has become influential in industries relating to insurance and security. It has been used to give better insights about consumer behavior to create more simple and transparent products. It analyzes data that co0mes from social media, CCTV footage and even GPS-enabled technologies. This is a data collection system that enables better customer maintenance from insurance companies.

Big Data finds it use in claims management. For example is it uses predictive analytics to provide faster service. This is a system that is excellent at managing fraud detection as well. It provides real-time insights from data that has been collected from social media accounts and other monitoring platforms.


This is the type of data that comes from location-based networks. It offers high-speed data that comes from telecoms that affect traffic behavior. A lot of governments use Big Data for traffic control, route planning and developing intelligent transport systems. They also use this type of data to manage congestion – this is done by predicting traffic conditions.

The private sector also benefits from Big Data. They use Big Data in revenue management, to enhance technological devices and machines, and so much more.

Media and Entertainment

Millions of individuals have the access to a large set of digital devices and gadgets. This access enables them to generate enormous amounts of data. This is the reason why media and entertainment platforms have also risen in popularity.

Many industries and businesses relating to the media have realized the importance of user-generated data. This knowledge of how they are able to benefit from the thousand of sources of data has helped them expand their business globally.

For starters, the more users use their websites, software and other platforms to stream media, the more data they give off. Based on this data, they are able to predict the interests of the audience on a more personal level. They can also show content based on their likes and preferences. This is effective as they are able to efficiently target advertisements and services to the user.

Let’s take Spotify for example. It is an online music –streaming platform. It uses Big Data and relies heavily on it. First, it collects data from all of its users across the world. Then, once the data has been collected, it analyzes it. After the data is analyzed, Spotify algorithms suggest music to everyone on a individual level.

Amazon Prime and Kindle Books work similarly. They use Big Data to analyze their users’ preferences to suggest and advertize products and services.

There are uncountable ways in which Big Data is used. The whole importance of Big Data is based on the use of the data. It doesn’t matter how much a company or a business can collect data, but how much they can handle and use.