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Intelligence Agencies

An intelligence service is a federal agency culpable for gathering, processing, and manipulating data to pursue law enforcement goals, national security, military, and foreign policy.

Information processing methods are both available and covered and can involve spying, communication surveillance, cryptanalysis, coordination with other organizations, and information source assessment. Intelligence or intelligence review is the assembly and spread of this material.

Intelligence agencies may give the following services to their national governments.

National Crime Agency
The National Crime Agency (NCA) is a United Kingdom national government organization. It is the lead body for the United Kingdom fighting organized crime; trafficking in human beings, weapons, and drugs; cybercrime; and economic corruption that crosses geographic and international boundaries, but can be charged with investigating any crime.

The NCA has a significant strategic role in analyzing how perpetrators work and can interrupt themselves in the United Kingdom's broader image. It operates in close cooperation with the ROCU's, the Serious Fraud Bureau, and the police forces.

For global organizations such as Interpol, Europol, and other multinational law enforcement agencies, it is the UK's communication point. The NCA supports police departments and other law enforcement agencies on a day-to-day basis and vice versa under mutual assistance agreements.

In extremis, the Director-General of the NCA (currently Lynne Owens) has the authority to order the Chief Police Officer to provide, where appropriate (but only with the permission of the relevant Secretary of State), direct assistance to NCA duties, rendering her one of the most senior law enforcement officials in the nation.

The NCA itself can also be directed by the Secretary of State to provide a police department or other law enforcement entity with directional assistance. It is not clear if these forces of required service have ever been used.

Inter-Services Intelligence
The ISI, Pakistan's first intelligence service to provide, store, and interpret national security information worldwide, has been in charge of the operational compilation and analysis of the information. The ISI reports to the Director-General as one of the principal members of the Pakistani intelligence community and is mainly focused on the supply of intelligence to the Government of Pakistan.

The ISI consists mainly of serving military officers from the three Pakistan Armed Forces service branches (Army, Air Force, and Navy) on secondment. Hence, the term 'Inter-Services.' The department, however, hires many civilians as well. The ISI has been commanded by a serving three-star general of the Pakistan Army since 1971, who, on the advice of the Chief of Staff of the Army, is appointed by the Prime Minister, who recommends three officers. Central Intelligence Agency
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an American federal government civil intelligence agency that gathers processes and analyzes public safety information from all areas of the world, mostly using human intelligence (HUMINT).

As a significant member of the United States Intelligence Community (IC) the CIA reports to the Director, which relies mainly on intelligence for the US President and Cabinet.

The CIA does not have a law enforcement role and is formally solely focused on intelligence gathering abroad and has minimal domestic intelligence collection (DIS) compliance, unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The CIA works as a national coordinator in the US intelligence community for HUMINT operations.

At the behest of the president, it is the sole law-enforcement power to take and control covert action. Via its operational parts, such as the Special Activities Center, it wields global political control. It has assisted several international organizations and governments, including arranging for, organizing, torture preparation, and logistical support and included many reforms to the regime, terrorist attacks, and world leaders' attempted assassinations. The CIA has also led to the development of numerous United States member countries' intelligence services, including Germany's BND. Defence Intelligence Agency
The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) supplies strategic intelligence to the Indian armed forces and directs the intelligence. It was founded in March 2002 and is operated within the Defense Ministry.

DIA is the leading security agency and hence separates it from other internal and external Indian intelligence services. Signals Intelligence Directorate, Tri-service Department, Defence Image Processing and Analysis Center, and the Indian Armed Forces are commanded by the DIA (DIPAC). The DIPAC manages India's satellite-based image acquisition capability, while the Signals Management is responsible for collecting and interpreting enemy communications.

The DIA also coordinates the DIWA, DIWA and controls all information warfare components' arsenal, including psychological activities, cyberwares, electronic intercepts, and soundwave surveillance. Its activities are highly trained, and its accomplishments remain a mystery.
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